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Please check this page regularly for information on the current status of each waiting list.


Waiting List Status

  • Retirement Residence – Bedsitting Units – Waiting List OPEN

  • Retirement Residence – Two Room Suites – Waiting List OPEN

  • Senior Apartments – One-Bedroom Apartment – CLOSED - not receiving applications

  • Senior Apartments – Two-Bedroom Apartment – CLOSED - not receiving applications

  • Senior Apartments – Rent Geared to Income – CLOSED - not receiving applications


Similar to other Housing Registries, those on a waiting list will be entitled to three offers. If accommodations are not accepted on the third and final offer, applicants will be removed from the Waiting List and a new application must be made when the desired list is open.


Those currently on a waiting list will receive a waiting list reminder notice in the mail once per year in order to confirm their status.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their contact information is correct and up-to-date. Please let us know if your phone number, email and/or mailing address changes.  If the annual reminder notice is returned to us by Canada Post due to a move/incorrect address, we will make every effort to contact the applicant. If contact is not made and the fee is not paid, within 1 year of the reminder notice being sent, said applicant will be removed from the waiting list. 


Closed lists will reopen when they reduce to 10 names (or applications).


For more information about the waiting lists please contact

Click to download an application:

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Applications and Waiting Lists

Over the past years, Unitarian House has gained the enviable reputation as a unique and very special seniors’ residence. This has resulted in ever growing waiting lists for the various types of accommodation offered.


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