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Fundraising Initiatives

Please check this page regularly for current fundraising initiatives!

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In the past, your donations have helped us ensure that no senior ever has to leave their home at UHO even if they outlive their financial resources. In Ottawa, the proportion of residents over 65 years old is projected to grow to 20% by 2031. Our registered charity needs your support now more than ever, to make sure no senior gets left behind.  

Every year, UHO gives over $80,000 to seniors in need of financial support. We need your help to do more. Donate today!


In the past, your donations have helped us to:

  • Install a generator to keep critical services such as emergency lighting, heat, and elevators running in case of a power outage

  • Upgrade our elevators which are frequently used and are a critical element of our building

  • Improve our nursing station and nursing equipment so that it offers better access, privacy and service delivery to residents

  • Purchase a new van, with improved accessibility, for residents with restricted mobility

  • Install electric door openers in our retirement residence to provide easier and safer access to residents using walkers

  • Upgrade the emergency call system

  • Renovate the common gathering areas on first and second floors to provide better access, comfort and security for residents

  • Upgrade our courtyard and main entrance to improve residents’ safety, comfort and mobility

  • Create a special fund to provide critical financial assistance to residents in need

  • Install a new water distribution system for the building

  • Install a new sprinkler system on the first and second floor

  • Install new fire safe zone doors on the second floor and improve our fire safety plan

  • Upgrade the windows in all residential units

  • Install a new roof

  • Purchase new equipment for the activity department and social events

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